We offer Nitrogen Charging Kit for HEMM and dump trucks.

Features :

This is used in shock strut and accumulators in heavy earth moving equipments for charging nitrogen. For this purpose we charge nitrogen on Schrader Part no: 4361S. ( On shock strut and accumulator product 4361S is already mounted/available.) In this product quick release coupler is used. Tis coupler is SS high pressure type double check unit. Easily can be coupled and released


There are 4 needle valves mounted on manifold block.
V1 - Inlet valve.
V2 & V3 - Outlet valves/ process / N2 charging line.
V4 - By pass valve(In case to remove excess Nitrogen from accumulator or strut of earthmover)


Step 1 : Connect / mount pressure regulator bull nose end to the nitrogen cylinder. Ensure tightenedproperly no leak.(Do not open the valve, until all connection are made properly).
Step 2 : Connect Quick release coupler with 1.5 meter long hose,Outlet port of Nitrogen Regulator and Inlet Port of manifold.
Step 3 : Connect quick release coupler with 5 meter long hose to Charging Port 2 and 3 and connect other part of charging adaptor to Shock Strut Valve (4361 S).


1) Ensure all 4 valves in the manifold is in closed position.
2) Connect the valve connector to the charging valve 4361S at the shock strut.
3) Using cylinder key crack open the cylinder valve observe cylinder pressure.
4) Actuate regulator ( clockwise downwards) note reading at pressure gauge.
5) Now open the inlet V1 valve.
6) Now open outlet valve V2 and V3. Charging will take place at strut.Ram will start extend.
Observe the pressure in manifold gauge.
7) To achieve the ram extension to the required length pressure to be increased.
For this purpose actuate the regulator to the required pressure.Check the ram extension using measuring tap. Suppose the pressure is over charged and to be bleed from the system close the V1 inlet valve open the V2,V3, V4 valve.Afer reaching required pressure close the V4 valve. 8) Once the charging is completed close cylinder valve using cylinder key.
9) Disconnect the valve connector from the charging valve
10) Ensure all the internal pressure in the hose assembly and manifold is relieved. Pressure gauge at manifold reads 0.
11) Disconnect all the hoses from the system. Close all the needle valves.


1) Carryout connection of regulator and inlet hose to the cylinder as mentioned earlier.(Here we use Charging port 2 of manifold only for accumulator, charging port 3 is not required.Hence connect quick release coupler with 5 meter long hose to Charging Port 2 and connect other part of charging adaptor to Accumulator Valve (4361 S). 2) In this case only one outlet hose assembly is used.
Connect the valve connector to the charging valve mounted on the accumulator. 3) Open the cylinder valve using cylinder key. Cylinder pressure must be upto 1900 psi.
4) Now open valve V1 and V2.
Valve V3 and V4 must be in closed position. 5) Now actuate the regulator downwards. charging will take place to the accumulator.
6) Generally it is charged up to 1500 psi.Observe pressure at pressure gauge at manifold.
7) Once the charging is completed close the cylinder valve. Disconnect the outlet hose from the accumulator.
8) See that all internal pressure is relieved from the hose and manifold

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